My New Partnership with Muskoka Woods!

I am super excited to announce my new partnership with Muskoka Woods, summer camp dedicated to inspiring youth, offering staff that share a common desire to help young people realize their full potential.

This partnership means a lot to me because I attended Muskoka Woods as a child. I always had such an amazing time there while making great friends along the way. At Muskoka Woods they always support you in your journey and are committed to making fun experiences. They give you the opportunity to try many different activities, some you would never even think of trying. I remember one summer, I even had the opportunity to speak on the camp radio! This was way outside my comfort zone as a kid, but I loved it! Muskoka Woods, “exists to inspire youth to shape their world”, which is such a powerful motto to me as I try to inspire youth in athletics and other aspects of life during my journey to become a world class skier.

I am so grateful that Muskoka Woods is interested in supporting my journey back to snow and into the future. Rehabbing from injury is just as challenging, both mentally and physically, as skiing is, so thank you to Muskoka Woods for your dedication and support in this chapter of my life and career!

Thank you for your support, Muskoka Woods! I can’t wait to see what this partnership brings!

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