Embrace the Chase

These last two months have been crazy...here’s an update as to what’s been going on with me…

Two days before the World Cup season opener, I was training GS in Sölden, Austria. I was doing my final race prep before my first World Cup season began! A few training runs in, I hit a rut at a bad angle and felt a pop in both my left and right knee. I was air-lifted to the nearest hospital.

My mom, who had just landed in Munich, was on her way to the ski hill to watch me train, when she received the call. She met me at the hospital, where an MRI confirmed that I had torn my ACL and lateral meniscus in both knees. And just like that, my season was over. As I was unable to weight bear, I left the hospital in a wheelchair.

A few days later, I flew home to my family and friends to begin prepping for surgery. I started with exercises to help with my range of motion, then spinning, then started walking (which wasn’t pretty at first).

On November 14th, I went into surgery to repair my right knee – which went really well.

During the next six weeks on crutches, I kept working hard with my left leg and upper body to maintain as much muscle as possible. I slowly began exercising my right leg to gain back strength and range of motion.

December 25th, Santa came and I was allowed to ditch the crutches and start walking!!

Within a couple days, I was able to start doing double leg exercises, like double leg squats and RDLs, which helped to strengthen and prepare my right leg to support me in my upcoming surgery on my left knee.

Surgery on my left knee is scheduled for this coming week. Stay tuned here and my Facebook page (link below) to get updates on how it goes!

A big shoutout to all my teammates on the Canadian Ski Team! I’m always watching and cheering you on. GO CANADA!!

Finally, a special thanks to everyone who supported me that day and every day since – my entire team, my sponsors, my friends and family, my fans and so many more. It really does take an army. 




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Two Weeks to Go

With two weeks to go until Sölden, I am in my final prep stage before the season begins! I’ve been working hard, both on and off the hill, to prepare myself for this world cup season. For me, the next two weeks will be heavily focused on getting productive GS training before I tackle my first world cup GS race. I have been training in Pitztal, Austria, which has allowed me to challenge myself with more difficult terrain and conditions, similar to what I will be facing in Sölden. Stay tuned to see how my training and final preparations are going!

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Getting back to the Slopes

I just returned from an amazing two-and-a-half-week training camp in Europe! It was a productive and fun-filled block of training and it felt so great to be back on snow again. We had a week and a half in Stelio, Italy and then four awesome days at Saas-Fee, Switzerland. After a few months of not being on snow, I started with some GS and Super G training to get the feeling back, then continued the camp with some always fun slalom training. Now, I am home for about 9 days before heading down to New Zealand for another training camp! This will be my first time in New Zealand so I am super excited for the month ahead!



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A Balancing Act

This summer, I spent six weeks in the gym preparing for this upcoming season. My off-snow training consisted of many different components; a main part being balance. Balance is extremely important in ski racing. Without a balanced feeling on the skis, it is very difficult to make quick and strong turns consistently throughout the course. I worked consistently on the slack-like and learned to ride a unicycle, amongst other activities, to improve my balance and stability. As the season is fast approaching, I have continued to stay focused on improving my balance skills. I am headed to my first summer on-snow training camp, and I look forward to seeing how my hard work pay off.

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Calgary, Alta. (March 29, 2017) – The Nor-Am Cup season closes with Canada capturing seven overall titles, 12 World Cup discipline spots and two World Cup overall spots. Top performances put Canadian athletes on the podium in all disciplines. 

National team athletes continued to demonstrate their dominance on the circuit and development team athletes proved the future looks bright for Canadian ski racing.  


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