My New Partnership with Muskoka Woods!

I am super excited to announce my new partnership with Muskoka Woods, summer camp dedicated to inspiring youth, offering staff that share a common desire to help young people realize their full potential.

This partnership means---

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Rehab Update

I am now four weeks out from left knee surgery. With only two weeks left on crutches, I have been working really hard to prepare my left knee to take those first steps. I have been---

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Surgery: Round Two!

About 8 weeks after my first surgery to repair my ACL and meniscus on my right knee, I walked into the hospital to get a similar surgery on my left knee. I had been walking for---

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Embrace the Chase

These last two months have been’s an update as to what’s been going on with me…

Two days before the World Cup season opener,---

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Two Weeks to Go

With two weeks to go until Sölden, I am in my final prep stage before the season begins! I’ve been working hard, both on and off the hill, to prepare myself for this world cup season. For---

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